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Poganin by Denis-V Poganin by Denis-V
It took me few hours to draw this one.
This is my view on 7th century situation in Neretva valley inhabited by pagan Croats who were known in history as pirates fighting against Venetians.
They are called Pagans by other tribes because they hasn`t recieved Christianity until 11th century like other surrounding Slavic and Croatian tribes.
This is one pagan from Neretva valley who carries Hellenic amphora stolen from some old house.
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faeorain Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Fantastic composition...excellent detail and shading as well.
Denis-V Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
Thx, I did my best up to that time. ;)
Gurdim Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
Another really cool work :) 

funny thing is that most of the last politeistic tribes and peoples (and i mean in all Europe, Italy included) were the ones in the countryside, that was a more isolated and "old fashioned", retaining the stricter costumes of their ancestors against the more relaxed (?) christian ones. In latin the pagus was the term for rural territory, that's why the countriside guys were the "pagans" :D

Well, at least, this is how the term was created, and for sure in the boot peninsula the countryside families were still the old earth-workers with steel rules and eternally serious stone faces, and for those guys christian religion still looked like some barbie-girl pitiful cult XD
I dunno if politeistic remnants were all serious and strict guys, all over the continent, like the germanic and celtic religions and others, but for what i know, pagans were surely far from the nowadays imagine of some bunch of fire-dancing hippies :P

I feel the guy above wouldn't like hippies XD
Denis-V Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
Interesting thing that you mention. :D For example, it is unbelievable how much intercultural mixing had happened in Dalmatia over the centuries. Especially in mixing Slavic and Croatian tribes with Illyro-Celtic on the north and Illyrian natives to the south. Somehow, my valley (Neretva river valley) was the last region in Croatia which accepted Christianity. And there is huge narrative legacy which proves that lots of pre-Christian beliefs actually still exist in the beliefs. And those beliefs really stand out in depicting mentality of the medieval age. In my valley there was nothing of high medieval culture, except plague. It stayed somehow traditional and far from urban city life. And for being rural, it kept it`s spirit of the medieval times. Not that it`s bad or negative, but specific. Even small bigotry which still exist between Dalmatian cities like Split and Zadar and  Rijeka; can be seen. Bigotry between Split and Zadar, Zadar and Rijeka and all three of them between inland Dalmatians- is legacy of bigotry from times when those cities were full of people whose allegiance was toward Rome, and in inland Dalmatia were remnants of Illyrians mixed with small Slav tribes and Croatians. Later in the late medieval, mixing between cities and inland Dalmatia was obvious, but differences are still visible, although modern Dalmatian cities were fully inhabitated with new people from inner Dalmatia. If you read Viaggio in Dalmazia by Alberto Fortis, suddenly everything is clear. Morlachi, Morlaci was the name for traditionalists in rural inner Dalmatia. ;)
And yes, this guy probably would say something like in Conan: "Doom`s children! They told my lord to throw down his sword and return to the earth! Ha!!! Time enough for the earth in the grave!" ;)
konstantinpalailogos Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Excellent work; I especially liked the marble block with Latin on the bottom
Denis-V Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Thanks! It is drawn using reference of real marble stone in my Neretva valley. :D
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
That´s great i love Croatia, I´ve been there several times, and you surely have a very interesting history!
Denis-V Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
Thank you man! I`m really glad you enjoyed your stay. :D Last year I went to Bamberg and I liked it so much, especially night walking on the streets of old town cowered with rain. Rammstein and Conan the barbarian (1982.) soundtrack blasting from headphones made fantasy to unveil. :D But, south of Bavaria and Alps are something far different than Franken region. I like to travel and learn from mountains, hills, atmosphere and people, because history books never describe the soul of country. And, yeah, we Hrvati have very interesting history and new archaeological findings reveals us more and more of it! :nod:
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
I also love to travel!

In Croatia we´ve been to Split, Makarska Riviera, Brac, Krk and Hvar island and of course Dubrovnik.
And I must say, Croatia is so beautiful and that wild coasts and the clean sea. It was far more relaxing
than Italy and not so expensive. And the people, oh they were so nice, I love your country!

And we´re also historically connected, while Bosnia and Serbia were under turkish rule,
Croatia was still and very long on the german (austrian) side.

That´s why I love and respect Croatia a lot. You should make more patriotic pictures of your land!
Denis-V Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
Well, you`ve been in my parts of the country. I`m form river Neretva valley, between Makarska and Dubrovnik and I always go to Makarska Riviera on summer. :D I`m glad you enjoyed your stay. :nod: I always say that "Pagania" (as I like to call it)is the prettiest part of Croatia. About historical Pagania: (I must add that Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus wrote: "Pagani are descended from the unbaptized Serbs" but that is result of his lack of knowledge about different tribes. He switched them with Boii and Servs... There is historical evidence for his switching... :)
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
Indeed this part is the most beautiful! We also visited the golden horn,
but there were so many tourists :/ All love it XD

And you have such a clean sea, no sand, but clean I loved it, and all the shells and
sea-hedgehogs and sea-cucumbers and sea-stars and also crabs and such XD haha

So do the Croatians usually like Germany or not?
Denis-V Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Yes, Zlatni rat is always crowded. Disbelief  But, in the spring it is heaven on Earth! :happybounce:
Do the Croatians usually like Germany. I think yes. There are many grandfathers and fathers went to Gernamy to work and they all have good memories despite the hard work from which we are not escaping. Croatian people in emigration in Germany  accepted work principles and they lived from the hard work, and sometimes they created friendships with Germans who come to visit them in Dalmatia. And there is German support in Croatian independence, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, etc. History is like that. Croatians in common, I think, are fond of Austrians, even though they ruled with Hungaria over Croatia. Just remember Croatian intellectual rebellion against Károly Khuen-Héderváry and Hungarian reign. (Here is Google  translate of that event: "Brennen des ungarischen Flagge auf Ban-Jelacic-Platz 16. Oktober 1895. war ein Ausdruck der Studentenrevolte gegen Hungarization in Kroatien. Zagreb Akademikern, eher empört diktatorische Politik der kroatischen Ban Khuen Héderváry wollte die Aufmerksamkeit auf König Franz Joseph I. in Khuenovu Willkür und Gewalt in Kroatien anlässlich seines Besuchs bei der Eröffnung des neuen Gebäudes des Nationaltheaters zu ziehen."
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